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tips for BBQ | The secrets for low and slow barbecue ribs, pulled pork, brisket and more

Recipes Tagged with "Revisited"

Home-Cured Bacon - How to cure and cold smoke bacon. Bacon is just about one of the greatest things that will ever come off of your cold smoker. This recipe walks you through how to make bacon from start to finish including tips on cures and cold smoking.

Bacon Explosion with Cheese - The Bacon Explosion with Cheese recipe is my all-time favorite BBQ appetizer. If you liked the original, this adds a new dimension with an even better taste.

Sriracha Carne Asada - This is a hot and fast recipe from the Sriracha ("Rooster Sauce") Cookbook. The Sriracha Carne Asada recipe is a great showcase for this Asian hot chili sauce - this make great street tacos.

Original Cedar Planked Salmon - This is fresh and impressive recipe from Ted Reader's Everyday Gourmet Plank Grilling cookbook by Napoleon Grills. This is the definitive guide to plank grilling.

Cranberry Pineapple Barbecue Sauce - Thanksgiving Dinner may never be the same. Replace your boring cranberry sauce with this tangy sweet and sour cranberry barbecue sauce. It perfectly compliments a smoked turkey.

As American as Grilled Apple Pie - Wood-fired hot apple pie on the grill truly is as American as apple pie.

Hawaiian Luau Pulled Pork - DivaQ knows pulled pork! This recipes is an adaptation from one of the 2011 Jack Daniels BBQ Competition pork winner's recipes. This is an easy way to do pulled pork by injecting the pork roast.

Marinated Beef Brisket, "In Your Mouth" Brisket - This marinated beef brisket is great for experienced backyard barbecuers and those just beginning to learn their smokers. It's the solution to a dry, burnt brisket.

Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey - The Ultimate Smoked Turkey Recipe - how to select, brine, prepare and cook the ultimate Thanksgiving Day turkey. There is a lot that can go into making the perfect turkey and this step by step recipe gives all the tips and tricks to making a moist, juicy turkey that will always turn out perfect and NEVER dry.

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