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tips for BBQ | The secrets for low and slow barbecue ribs, pulled pork, brisket and more

Recipes Tagged with "Dry Rub"

Barbecued Tri-Tip - You’ll love barbecued Tri-tip roast or Tri-tip steaks. Tri-tip has a rich, venerable steak flavor that is somewhere between ribeye and prime rib (full of flavor and beyond tender).

Bullsy Beef Rub - A good rub is a quick way to bring out or add the intrinsic flavors in your beef cuts. This beef rub takes advantage of the savory-ness of beef and the lemon pepper to create a perfect match.

Easy Pulled Pork - Barbecued Pulled Pork 101. Easy to follow recipe for making pulled pork on your smoker or grill. Try your pulled pork sandwiches Carolina style with mustard BBQ and coleslaw.

Game Day Ribs - Game Day Ribs are amazing barbecued ribs that will make you think you've died and gone to heaven. This recipe is for doing baby back ribs (loin back) or St. Louis cut ribs (trimmed spare ribs) for the Super Bowl game day.

Lucky #13 Rub - Lucky Number 13 Rub for baby back and st louis ribs

Rusty's Memphis Pork Rub - The secret recipe for my classic Memphis-style barbecue dry rub that's great on pulled pork, baby back ribs, pork chops or other cuts of meat.

MOINK Balls (Bacon-wrapped Meatballs) - MOINK Balls or MOINKs are bacon-wrapped meatballs, seasoned with a dry rub and glazed with barbecue sauce. It's a great barbecue appetizer or party food.

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